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ADVION is a consortium of companies that provide care and services to the long term, post-acute and 
senior care markets working to effect healthcare policy and advocating for high quality, cost effective care.

You have an advocate.  You have a champion.


ADVION was founded in the Fall of 1989 by advocates of professional medical services to long term care facilities. ADVION now represents the legislative and regulatory interests of approximately 100 companies providing physical, occupational and speech-language pathology therapies, portable x-ray/EKG and ultrasound; health information technology systems; and products such as complex medical equipment; parenteral and enteral supplies, equipment and nutrients; and additional specialized supplies for long term and post-acute care settings nationally.


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The mission of ADVION is to represent ancillary service providers and suppliers in the long term and post-acute care community on healthcare policy and advocate for high-quality, cost-effective care.  You already have the expertise to deliver the valuable insights  your legislators need.

We make sure you know how to use that expertise to get involved and affect positive change.  ADVION's advocacy efforts ensure that your voice is heard in Congress and with the Administration where issues are decided.

ADVION arms you with policy knowledge that turns your personal stories, expertise and local knowledge into valuable insights for your legislators. ADVION creates opportunities for our members to advocate – whether it’s by submitting pre-drafted letters on a hot issue to Capitol Hill, making a phone call, or scheduling a meeting with your elected representative.  

Your voice is critical, and ADVION ensures that it’s heard and has a meaningful impact.

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